Hitting the first big walking goal in April

Onward I tread.

With determination and warmer days, I’ve hit my walking goal for April.

Several clustered afternoon visits to Onondaga Lake Park led to the sunny day when I first took a left from the Salt Museum parking lot to stride past the easternmost tip and then loop back around Wegmans Landing children’s playground back to the east.

With just a few photo-taking pauses, my eyes spied the 2.0 mileage marker on the trail.

In deep.

I kept my pace until reaching the Willow Bay parking lot.

The western end has taken on way more water, from rains and wintering, I discovered on this first journey this far.

Smooth return.

A placid lake to the right kept me company for my 2-mile walk back to the parking lot adjacent to the Salt Museum.

I will admit to some muscle soreness the morning after.

We’ll see how much further west to the other side of the lake I’ll get my mind to move my body as spring and summer continue.


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