Safety first

Pickup protocols.

Safety first, I say.

So when I placed our new large garbage bins out front for the Monday pickup this week, I plotted a different Sunday protocol.

Knowing snow was in the forecast, I did not want to place them in the two corners of the driveway, as advised in the mailings we’d received from the hauling company. That was in case our driveway plow company arrived early in the a.m. I also did not want to put them too far out in the street, in case the town plowed came close to the lawn line.

I think the edge of our lawn, right of the driveway, more than five-feet apart as necessary, worked out just fine.

And the two trucks took our trash and recyclables, check.

7 thoughts on “Safety first

  1. Others appreciate your thoughtfulness! A heavy snow last night there resulted in huge limbs hitting my deck at 11pm and again at 3am. Finn and I sat straight up and observed the damage among the beauty of about 8 inches a few minutes ago. My trash/recycling receptacles are still sitting safely waiting for a, undoubtedly, late pick up today!


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