Overdue delivery

White blanket at last.

I awoke on Monday morning to a new look around A Bitty Better. Snow had continued to fall as my dear wife Karen, cherished rescue mutt Ellie and I slept.

I noted that it had not reached the three inches noted on our contract with the driveway plowing people.

But is was enough for this retired guy to go out and clear the cars and make sure Karen will have no trouble making her way starting her drive to work.

Watching the local weather inserts into <em>Today</em> on TV, I hear that snow could come every day this week.

It is coming toward the end of January in Central New York, after all.


13 thoughts on “Overdue delivery

  1. That’s awesome, Mark. A winner of a retired husband you are indeed!❄️ my scan and move have been postponed. I await, among the boxes and many calls and notes to do, for the 8 inches we’re expected to receive. I love the silence and peace of snow. ❄️ enjoy your day and I hope everyone stays safe and snuggly!


  2. we are supposed to have our first ‘real snow’ of the season this week. mother nature seems to be sleeping in. happy as a commuter, but the kids really miss it and i love the beauty of it


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