Fallow time

Resting mode.

From my neighborhood walks in spring, summer and even fall, I have no doubt that this suburban front yard garden can return with some oomph when the months march past with me.

14 thoughts on “Fallow time

  1. When I get up in the morning and look in the mirror I think to myself, “I need a little bit of oomph. I get out my makeup tools and voila!” 🙂
    And my husband tells me I am as pretty as the blooms of red roses.


    • We’ve only experienced a few snows of several inches each, Jnana, followed by quick melts. This morning we did wake up to another dusting of maybe an inch. Meanwhile, a dozen miles to the north or two dozen miles to the west, they have experienced storms measured in feet. That makes me think we are due for at least one of the famous lake effect bands that chooses our exact path before our snow season ends.


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