Quite an imposing marker

On guard.

So not everybody in the neighborhood follows the instructions to put these new big garbage and recycling containers out the night before collection and wheel them back in after they’re emptied, I notice on my retirement month stroll.

23 thoughts on “Quite an imposing marker

  1. Okay now I can say CONGRATULATIONS!🎉🎊🍺
    I am so happy for you! I missed some of your posts… and now I am all caught up.
    It’s time for Mr. Mark’s new chapter to begin! It’s all about you! How wonderful.
    As I often tell others… “I wake up with nothing to do and go to bed with only half of it done.”
    It’s time to enjoy life … Congratulations my friend!


    • The green for recycling is unmistakable for sure, Karla. And they are both really, really large and bulky to push around. I think that is why it seems some neighbors are just leaving them out front the whole week long.

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      • I understand! Mine is a bit bulky for me, at times. The awesome neighbor boys, (whom I hire and pay in popsicles and cash, at time) might be great “hires” on trash day. In a twist of events, I’m moving, Mark, but perhaps new neighbor boys could be of help! My neighbors are buying my house and I’m going to rent a place in Springfield, MO to be closer to the hospital, family, and…a great library and coffee shop!


      • Mark, how kind! I think of you when I think of how close I’ll be to the libraries I love so much! Although it’s many layers and busy, undoubtedly, this will be a great move. I appreciate your support and friendship so much! Have a super weekend!!


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