Split loyalties

Orange side.

With our season parking pass a thing of the past, a cool way to handle our Saturday night this-is-our-game-this-season excursion to the JMA Wireless Dome to watch Syracuse play Florida State.

Shaughnessy’s Pub in the old Hotel Syracuse on downtown Syracuse’s Warren Street offered an intriguing plan.

So we drove into their parking garage, walked into the pub three hours before the 8 p.m. game time, and my jaw dropped an inch or so to see it was absolutely packed.

Seminoles side.

A third or so of the crowd was dressed in Seminoles maroon. OK, Florida State fans travel.

Still, we found a corner spot at the bar, caught the attention of the barkeep, ordered beer, wings and mozzarella sticks, found the spot to purchase our shuttle bus tickets …

and had a really nice time having our indoor tailgate party on a rainy, cool night.

Line us up.

We made it onto a bus up to the dome as the last two behind the yellow line.

Let the adventure continue!


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