What happens in the front row

Yes, that is me.

My phone dinged while my dear wife Karen and I rode the shuttle bus back to our great parking spot next to Shaughnessy’s in downtown Syracuse, where we’d decided to take advantage of their eat-first, ride to-and-fro the Syracuse game service Saturday night.

Why, yes, I answered the chain from my friends Chris and KP, that is me on the telecast from the game.

You know I had set it to record back home.

A camera had indeed found me in the fantastic front-row seats Karen had scored as a present for me.

Happy us in our great seats.

Why the camera cut off at me I don’t know. She’s so much better looking, Chris added in our chain as we texted after my affirmative answer and wonderment that she was not in the TV angle.

More about the experience of front-row seats to come this week.


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