On a roll with my food truck order

They’re back.

Those of you who figured I’d be on the lookout for the Bold Coast Lobster truck at the fall food truck rally, you win. Ding ding ding.

My dear wife Karen and I decided after we’d walked the loop with terrific daughter Elisabeth and fiance George that lobster would be on our plate.

Not alone in our choice.

It’s a popular truck, yes. But the line moved quickly

Two options.

I was quite happy with my Connecticut roll. Hot, with butter.

Karen dug her Maine roll. Cold, with a touch of mayo.

Two choices.

Elisabeth went with a main and side from Oompa Loompa. Thai/Philippine touches.

She shared. Karen and I liked, too.

Arroz con pollo.

George went for a gorgeous chicken and rice box. I don’t remember which truck … but it was filling, though, because when three of us visited even more trucks on a second loop, he passed.

By then I forget to take photos of my falafel and hummus wrap, Karen’s waffle and Elisabeth’s waffle cone.

We had our fill by then, though!

13 thoughts on “On a roll with my food truck order

  1. i cannot believe i didn’t guess the lobster roll truck! that is exactly the very first one i would be drawn to! i’m most drawn to the hot connecticut style but would happily eat either


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