Interested bystanders

Good lie.

Tater most of the time keeps the ball in the short grass.

This one time he hit it a bit to the right. I told you Radisson had taken a bit of water. The geese thought the puddles were home.

So I took the chance to catch them with Tater.

He stayed as calm as they were and hit a good recovery shot.

16 thoughts on “Interested bystanders

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  2. I googled: What do you call someone who can read the thoughts of a goose.
    And honestly this is what came up:

    “For the duration, you can read the thoughts of certain creatures. When you cast the spell and as your action on each turn until the spell ends, you can focus your mind on any one creature that you can see within 30 feet of you. If the creature you choose has an Intelligence of 3 or lower or doesn’t speak any language, the creature is unaffected.”

    You do have the gift!!!


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