Welcome back, Arts and Crafts Fest

Yes, please.

After a few years off because of you-know-what, the Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival returned to downtown Syracuse this past weekend.

It took just a few words of <em>Do you want to go …</em> from my dear wife Karen during our what-are-we-gonna prep talk for me to get psyched.

Towering return.

I’ll start my blogging welcome with these down-the-block views.

Busy but still serene.

The fest spurred off and around the city’s Columbus Circle.

Many impressive landmarks at the core.

The circle at the center is still named after that explorer whose statue remains firmly planted despite a lively discussion about whether or not it should be taken down. Side one: Central New York is firmly entrenched in Onondaga Nation lands and we all live among Iroquois and Haudenosaunee confederacy traditions. Besides, our whole country is beholden to Indigenous people. Side two: This area is rich in Italian-American heritage.

I was for our Triple A baseball team’s name change away from the Syracuse Chiefs.

Trees and people among the city.

In any case, vendors and shoppers were ready to reemerge for the 51st edition of the fest.

I’ll share more from the fest here in the days to come.

14 thoughts on “Welcome back, Arts and Crafts Fest

  1. There’s one shot that has a giant (inflatable?) ice cream cone off in the distance. Love me some soft serve ice cream in a sugar cone. Neat looking festival. I was just looking at a calendar for October showing the 10th being both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Good for people to understand all of history, not just selective history.


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