Local winery tastes good in a pinch

Quite a sample.

Lakeland is just up the road. Or down the road. In any case, who knew they had a robust line of wines?

Yes, it’s a good idea to hand out samples at the Regional Market.

My dear wife Karen, daughter Elisabeth, George’s mom Sue and I all called for a taster’s cup.

They went for the sweeter fruit varieties.

I opted for the driest red. Just like real life. Not a bad little sip pre-noon. I didn’t ask if I made a better-wine face. I have switched to my beer season, after all.

15 thoughts on “Local winery tastes good in a pinch

  1. I enjoy the local wineries in this region. Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York grow wonderful grapes and many make fabulous wines. The Ice Wine from this region is also amazing. For me it’s quite sweet but it is meant to be sipped after dinner… like a brandy.
    Most People from out west have no idea what ice wine is… so we are very lucky.
    I am so glad you got to enjoy some of the wine. My mantra is “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”


  2. Supporting local businesses is so important these days, especially since we lost a lot of them to the pandemic. Beverage samples pre-noon takes me back to the college days, but truth be told we sometimes didn’t stick to the sampling concept. 🙂

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  3. I’m with you on the beer! Has to be domestic though. When visiting Germany a lifetime ago I tried their beer and didn’t much like it, but found one wine I loved. I think there is a winery here but not sure. We have several distilleries though since this is the edge of bourbon country.


      • My aunt worked at one of the local distilleries and was tagged to be a taster when she told them she hates the taste of bourbon. My Mom always took a tablespoon of the worst kind made when she got home after going anyplace during flu season. Personally I don’t like it unless it’s surrounded by coconut and dipped in chocolate, but have to say it is a great base for homemade vanilla extract. Beer is the only alcohol I can drink and then it has to be accompanied by a pizza! Have a good day bro Mark!


      • That’s why I soak vanilla beans in it for a few weeks bro Mark. One sip of the stuff puts me on the floor. One night a few lifetimes ago when a friend and I had an “office party” at the office where she worked cured me of more than a tiny sip but when I add a teaspoon of vanilla to a recipe it has no effect on the brain. My Mom did force me to that tablespoon of medicinal bourbon one time and I think it permanently burned the lining off my mouth and throat and everything down to my stomach.


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