Quite a pickle

Extra large.

The farmer at the market was calling these homegrown cucumbers just right for pickling.

I thought they were the exact same size as the ones I buy in the supermarket that we slice up, say, to a couple dozen wedges to add to our salad bowl.

Those would be some really large pickles.

George Three, as an aside, makes his own pickles at home, but has had a problem of late with them hollowing out on the inside. The chief pickler was not present at the Regional Market, but George got her card for further consultation.

10 thoughts on “Quite a pickle

  1. I miss the old, old days when I always had a vegetable garden.
    Ever since I was just a little kid in California.
    Whatever happened to that idealistic young boy?

    Life got in the way.
    That’s what.
    (Life always seems to find a way… to mess things up)


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