Nice view too from there and there

We remembered the home plate tabletops.

Wanderers that we are, my dear wife Karen, daughter Elisabeth and fiance George Three couldn’t stay on the Salt City Deck forever as we took in Saturday’s Syracuse Mets game.

We strolled out of the sun seeking seats in the shade.

Karen directed us into obviously empty seats at a tabletop, much in the location we enjoyed this season’s opening day.

A batter or two in, an usher told us no. Protecting the brand, I understand.

We continued our way toward left field and found a completely empty row.

Runners everywhere.

There we sat as the Mets whittled down that Jumbo Shrimp lead.

Until we decided a night view from the deck might be interesting.

Let’s Go Mets!

From the table we saw a homer and one more run. Final score, 8-7 Jacksonville. Good game.

Come back tomorrow for the fireworks.

17 thoughts on “Nice view too from there and there

  1. Mark, for whatever reason your post reminded me of a minor league experience in Atlantic City with the long-gone Surf. Our seats were sooooo good we actually asked to be moved back to a “lesser” combo. The wife and I had seats on the third-base side right at the bag, and this was when netting had not become a thing yet. We were sure if we looked down for a moment we’d catch a screaming line drive face-first, so not having gloves, we decided to move back a bit. Safety is no accident!


    • I know what you mean, Bruce. Pre-netting days, a foul liner down the third-base side pre-net days whizzed past my noggin’ by an inch and clanked against a metal rail behind me. Were it bounced to I never knew. And I was paying attention. All of us in the vicinity were glad it did not nail us. And I was paying attention. Glad I did not get my hands up, actually. Too fast, would have snagged and snapped a digit.

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  2. uptight usher, but I get it. human factor and love of baseball should have made the call go another way, but probably not something he’s allowed to do. love that you and your crew are always checking out the view from new perspectives.


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