Our hands (and feet) on deck

We’re ready for our new wrinkle at the ballpark.

The Central New York chapter of CSEA set up a nice union get-together at the Syracuse Mets game for Saturday.

Yes, I passed the Civil Service Test and scored high enough on the list to secure my position at the library, part of the Onondaga County system. So I said yes for tickets that included spots at the tables and a nice buffet meal of hot dogs, burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, watermelon …

Hey, batter, batter.

My dear wife Karen, daughter Elisabeth and fiance George Three much appreciated the whole setup, much different than our usual view from the stadium stands.

We hoped the Jumbo Shrimp needed many relief pitchers from the bullpen.

It was fun taking in the different perspectives … even though Jacksonville jumped off to a 5-run lead in the top of the first.

Passing the baton to Scootch.

It was fun seeing the last leg for the mascot race unfold right in front of the table we chose.

Never give up!

On this day, the mascots beat the kids.

Eventually, we strayed out to the rest of the ballpark. And, we stayed for the fireworks. Check back on Tuesday and Wednesday for more photos.

12 thoughts on “Our hands (and feet) on deck

  1. I’m a sucker for mascots. I know some folks don’t think they add value, but if you hit on the right one for your franchise it definitely can extend your brand awareness and create more good will in the community via appearances, signings, etc.


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