Summer breeze, makes me feel fine

I’ll play the song in my head.

Strolling through Onondaga Lake Park on a lovely July day, it strikes me that Jim Seals passed away at the age of 80 in June.

Thank you for giving us the song <em>Summer Breeze</em> during my teen years of the mid-70s, Seals and Croft. It resonates in my soul on sublime summer days still.

15 thoughts on “Summer breeze, makes me feel fine

  1. Certain songs just take you back to another place and time, don’t they Mark? I’ll be in a store somewhere and a song will come on I haven’t heard in years, but can instantly recall a moment in time when it was playing in my past.


  2. Love that tune. My fav from that duo is “We May Never Pass This Way Again.” Means even more now that I’m an old man!


  3. So many songs bring on a surge of nostalgia. Both sad and happy. During the 1970’s I was newly married with kids trying to make all ends meet. Didn’t leave much time for listening to music.

    I listened to Summer Breeze and now remember it. Even if you don’t know the words the tune can … as you say … resonate …. whatever needs to be resonated. 🙂


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