We appreciate the fireworks with a short walk

Pre-boom positioning.

The hometown Syracuse Mets let the word out that this year’s really big fireworks show would come after their game on Sunday, July 3, because the protocol of six-game-block Triple-A scheduling has all teams off every Monday.


My dear wife Karen and I decided again we’d take advantage of living a mere two miles from NBT Bank Stadium with full knowledge of the easy walking path and sight line from the local business center to the sky above the ballpark.

Ready for our weekend yay!

Bag chairs over our shoulders and hoodies on our arms for the advancing despite-July dusk chill and sure-to-be-buzzing bugs, we arrived with a hundred or so other fireworks-seeking folks.

I tracked the game’s progress on my phone. Two outs, bottom of the ninth, Mets leading 5-1. Three-run homer for the Butterfly Shrimp. Pitching change. Game’s final: 5-4, Syracuse Mets.


The sky over the stadium filled with fireworks.

Bursting in air.

I so much more prefer the displays handled by professionals.

Upon our stroll home, our neighborhood rang with the work of amateurs. Hope all remained safe.

15 thoughts on “We appreciate the fireworks with a short walk

  1. Great plan MBM. We sit in our neighbor’s backyard and watch the town ‘below’ as they entertain us every year with a fabulous display. Like you, the amateurs added to the display, I hope they stayed safe. They put on quite a show too this year.

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  2. Perfect! I prefer the method you two took to celebrate. Record setting temps and amateurs had me a bit worried in my neck of the woods. But I safely watched with awe the beautiful show on PBS and at our nation’s Capitol. Happy week my friend! 💙


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