Good job, Scootch

Hard worker.

Syracuse Mets mascot Scootch never stops, I’ve especially noticed this season as we’ve been sitting behind the third base dugout.

And the young fans dig it.

Good job, inner Scootch.

9 thoughts on “Good job, Scootch

  1. Scootch, thank you for all you do! Being a mascot is a hard job! And your just the kind of person to recognize him. This reminded me of a scene from the movie, “Bull Durham” when the mascot bull is hit. Oh no! I’ve been around mascots for many years and appreciate them too, Mark!


    • One of the “George Plimpton”-like assignments I received in my newspaper reporter years, Karla, was to spend a basketball game inside the Syracuse University famous mascot costume Otto the Orange. It was a two-hour tour I’ll certainly never forget.
      It’s hot in there!
      All the kids want you to stop and shake their hand!
      It’s really hot in there!
      I think I wrote a really good story about it, too.
      Yes, I will always relate to the sports team mascots for sure.

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      • I love this story, Mark! Oh my goodness. I’ve only put a mascot’s head on for a brief moment. You’re a rock star! “It’s hot in there!” The sacrifices that occur to put smiles on faces. Bravo, Mark!


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