And the game plays on

Long lasting.

They’re trying to move the game along in the minor league this season, with a shortened pitch clock.

Still, sometimes the runs pile up, pitching changes abound, and the real clock ticks and ticks.

When George Three and I were walking out with Elisabeth after the eighth inning during our last visit (George Two and Sue said they’d stay for the night, bless them) George declared our next game would be a on a weekend so we wouldn’t have to get up for work the next morning. I’m in!

6 thoughts on “And the game plays on

  1. Mark, thanks for stopping by my site. Glad to have found yours. Ah yes, the pitch clocks. I know some who love baseball have always found it charming because it didn’t operate with a clock. An outlier to other sports. I do agree the time had come to deal with all the mound visits, and to get the batter and pitcher to bat and pitch within a respectable time frame. I think baseball went off the rails when they started to put a guy on second to start an inning. I have seen some earlier start times this year – at least in the majors – which certainly have to help families actually see the whole game…especially when considering mom & dad may have to get up early the next day!


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