One last Chiefs game for the 2018 season is tater-ful

When my terrific daughter Elisabeth texted the invitation to go to the Syracuse Chiefs game with her, George Three, George Two and Sue, we were thrilled. My dear wife Karen was in danger of getting shut out this season.

The rest of us got in one more, and she got her first for 2018. That stretch of the second shift while working at the hospital for three months had been tough for baseball.

Pretty place.

NBT Bank Stadium looked lovely the last weekend of August.

Go Salt Potatoes.

General Manager Jason Smorol had dubbed the home squad the Salt Potatoes for this final weekend series of the season. Rochester was going by the Plates instead of the Red Wings, the pseudonym picked for that Thruway city’s favorite dish, the Garbage Plate.

The prize would be the Golden Fork.

Me and the Golden Fork.

Jason put the cherished utensil out on the concourse so all fans could snap their poses. Karen indulged my need.

They do.

On our pregame stroll, we noticed a bride and groom going down the stairs.

The gang’s all there.

Lo and behold, Jason had invited them out on the mound – with the Golden Fork, make note – to throw out simultaneous first pitches. They had great control.

The Plates beat the Salt Potatoes by a score of 3-1.

A good time was had by us nevertheless.

Our Mets take over control of the Syracuse Chiefs in 2019. I’m planning to get out to more than three games.

12 thoughts on “One last Chiefs game for the 2018 season is tater-ful

  1. Are those pesky Mets taking over the entire world of baseball, bro Mark? The last time I checked in on a baseball game it was the Mets taking over one of the NY teams, Yankees? maybe? Ya know something, little bro? Trying to read this stuff while having only partial vision in one eye is nearly impossible. You are still one of my chosen!


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