Hello, Tom Terrific

One great Met.

Enter on the right-field side of NBT Bank Stadium.

Find your way to the inner concourse.

Wind toward the home-plate high-rise table-top seats.

Stop for a second to admire the painted mural of the first New York Met to make the Hall of Fame for his accomplishments lifting the franchise to that 1969 World Series championship and beyond, George Thomas Seaver.

Tom Seaver to us Mets fans.

Tom Terrific to headline writers.

A pitcher unlike any other, apologies to Doc Gooden and, yes, Jake deGrom.

I like the mural gussying up the Syracuse Mets’ home.

14 thoughts on “Hello, Tom Terrific

  1. Wow … wish I was (still) there! I hope the fine folks of CNY realize how cool it is to have a NY based Triple-A team again and pack the stadium. The was a lot of excitement when the Yankees were affiliated in the 70s, but no so much for affiliation with Toronto and Washington. From your reports it sure looks like the Mets are doing their part in Syracuse! Love the way the stadium looks.


    • I didn’t live here during the Yankee-Triple A days, Mike. There was a bit of a buzz when Toronto was shipping the Chiefs a lot of great players to Big Mac consistently as I recall. We got to cheer on Tony Fernandez, Mark Sharperson, what they self-labeled the best outfield in baseball, “The Terminator” coming in on the mound … Washington allowed Stephen Strasbourg to debut here and that game felt major-league all the way. My hope is that the Mets’ attention to the stadium’s big and little details and player development and culture will catch on widespread. Fingers crossed.


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