Wanted: Syracuse Mets players

A major-league name.

This year’s trip to the Syracuse Mets’ annual open house, we decided not to wait for the official tour of the downstairs guts of NBT Bank Stadium. My dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth and hubby-to-be George Three know our way around thanks to the expertise of previous guides.

In the locker room, I spied the name of pitcher Robert Gsellman, owner of a lively right arm who’s given the parent New York Mets plenty of spirited innings but last season spent time in Syracuse to rehab from injury. That’s how the relationship works best, for players and fans. Yes, players come down to this squad if they lose their way up in the bigs, slump, and the decision makers hope time spent well producing in Syracuse will do wonders.

To be determined.

Alas, the big leaguers are on strike.

So we shall see who will fill these jerseys from the minor league organization when the opening day of April 5 arrives.

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