Syracuse Mets salute their top fans

Way to go, those who root, root, root for the home team.

I really admire that I usually find something new while I’m nosing around NBT Bank Stadium after not visiting for a few months.

During this annual March open house, we came upon the stairway vestibule wall now adorned with a Hall of Fame set aside for top fans.

Great idea for the loyalists who buy tickets and show they care.

10 thoughts on “Syracuse Mets salute their top fans

  1. It’s great to have a great team, and I never realized it before but a great team is one that that appreciates their fans, because great fans are part of what make great teams.


    • It is so much a two-way operation, Chris. I remember when I was a kid and I went to a New York Mets traditional promotion banner day, when between games of a doubleheader they let all fans who wrote slogans on a poster or sheet parade on the field brandishing their work. I was about 12 and totally in awe staring up, up, up at the stands and down, down, down at the field holding the pillow sheet adorned with my magic-marker filled little poem. I still remember I had come up with Ding Dong, Ring Their Bell, If You Can’t Beat the Phillies, You’ll Go to H—- My parents had demanded the dashes to complete my awful creation earmarked to the famous landmark of the city of the opposing squad that day.

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