Coach Roy Simmons Jr. elevated to the ring

Legendary coach.

Sunday was a Syracuse men’s lacrosse day for the ages.

At halftime, the university added former coach Roy Simmons Jr. to the Ring of Fame.

Forever celebrated.

No doubt, Simmons Jr. followed in the footsteps of Roy Simmons Sr., coaching Syracuse lacrosse to serious success. He engineered the rebirth in the 1980s that elevated the Orange to dynasty status.

Cheers roll.

Fans remembered, standing with affection as Simmons Jr. was rolled around the stadium.

8 thoughts on “Coach Roy Simmons Jr. elevated to the ring

  1. Who needs world wide acclaim?
    To have the sincere love and sincere affection of perhaps a smaller group must be very rewarding.

    Heck, I feel happy and rewarded when I get a couple of likes. 😉


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