Cheers for Gary Gait

Yes, forever up there.

During the pregame ceremony Sunday in the Carrier Dome, the announcer proclaimed Gary Gait the greatest college lacrosse player of all time.

No. 22 in the rafters.

We indeed live in the GOAT generation.

And my 40 years of living in Syracuse included the time Gary Gait spent with brother Paul Gait winning national championships for the Orange. He’s launch himself from behind the goal and score without touching the ground. Air Gait!

Rarified air.

Man, the guy was great.

And so the first-year Syracuse men’s team coach (after a successful reign as Syracuse women’s team coach) deserves his 22 going to the top of the dome forever, most certainly.

Greatest player of all time may be argued. That’s what GOAT is for … To start: Syracuse had a star lacrosse player in the 1960s by the name of Jim Brown, yes, the football legend who some say was even better in the sport of lacrosse, and maybe even the greatest of all time …

9 thoughts on “Cheers for Gary Gait

  1. I had no idea Jim Brown played Lacrosse. And was even better at it then football. Pretty cool.
    And thanks to ladysighs I now understand where Lacrosse origins are from.
    I learned two new things today.
    Happy Weekend Mr. Mark!


  2. Lacrosse is not an unfamiliar word. Since I am not familiar with the game I did read and found it interesting that its origins were with Native American communities. I think I might maybe enjoy watching it. 🙂


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