For Gary and Nick Frenay, music is in the blood

Yes, they like making music together.

It comes quite natural to Gary Frenay and Nick Frenay, these notes that link them.

Nick and Gary Frenay play in the WAER studio.

Nick and Gary Frenay play in the WAER studio.

Gary has been inducted into the Syracuse Area Music Awards Hall of Fame twice.

Nick won a Sammys trophy this year for best pop album.

So I invited the son and father to the studios of Syracuse Public Media station WAER for an interview. They joined forces to play a song, too.

You can hear the resulting podcast by clicking the link below.

The visit from the Frenays is takes the podcast portion of my work for the site in a new direction. I hope you enjoy storytelling approach.

Here’s the link to Nick and Noah’s site.

Here’s a YouTube version of a song from Gary’s latest album.

Here’s a link to Gary’s WordPress blog with a neat post about his trip to Greece with his wife and Nick’s mom, Jackie.

Did your parents push you toward a career, or did you decide what you wanted to do on your own? Did you push a child toward a career, or let nature take its course? Do you think Gary and Nick can make it nationally, and why?

24 thoughts on “For Gary and Nick Frenay, music is in the blood

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I believe in these guys. Their song indicates they are originsl and fun to listen to, Mark Sending best wishes and Hopeful Congratulations to the up and coming duo!!


  2. I love their sound, reminds me of the music I used to listen o in the 70s – the great music.
    Did I get pushed into a career? Not really. Started out in Biology, Environmental Sciences, and saw all my friends who had graduated with Biology degrees working at fast food joints, steered towards nursing, with all those biology classes and ended up as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I love working with the children, but Health Care has changed so much, it seems to be all about the mighty dollar (which I don’t like).
    Am I pushing my own kids into a field? No -I hope not. They both want to do something in the Sports Medicine and Fitness arena. I am behind them 100% in whatever they do (just as long as it is something that will cover their astronomical grocery bills).


    • Nursing is a forever field, SD. Knock on wood. My daughter is fighting now to become a physical therapist assistant, which bridges health care and sports medicine/fitness. She’s very into the latter aspect of it, being a sports fan and runner, so … last year of the schooling. I hope that’s a forever field as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Knock on wood. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      • Physical therapy is an amazing field. My kid have both had to have physical therapy, unbelievable how much they have helped them. I am sure she will do really well. Tell her Good Luck for me. I am sure she will always have a job, there seems to be such a demand!!


      • Thanks, SD. I agree. I had PT for a frozen shoulder. I hated the guy who had to administer my “aggressive manipulation” prescribed by the doctor. He made me cry and scream out loud in public. But I can move it full range today. Thanks, Todd.

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      • My son had weightlifters shoulder and was really miserable (however, he did not stop lifting despite the pain). They did something amazing to him and I haven’t heard him complain of pain in days. Thank-you physical therapists!!!!!! I am glad your shoulder is doing better!


      • I am glad YOU are better too. One should not ignore the signs our bodies give us (I am one to talk, I figure if I have a pain it will either get better or it won’t) – either way, if I do call my Primary Care doc – she is so busy and can’t see me for 3 weeks, by which time the pain has usually gone.


      • When my six-month diabetes check with my primary care guy came, he gave me a cortisone shot in the joint. I felt better for two days. Man, that was wishful thinking. Finally broke down months later and asked for an orthopedic referral … da-da-dum, months of three-a-week PT office and daily home exercises later, a new MB.


  3. I’m enjoying the first song I have playing MBM, it makes me want to hear more.

    My parents didn’t push me in to any career. But they did instill strong and clear work ethics, as did my older brothers. So whatever I was to do, I know I had to do it right. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. When he was small, Bubba built things all the time so we always said he’d make a great engineer. He is doing his internship now, and it’s in engineering, but the technology kind. We don’t have opinions about their career choices, beyond telling Sassy she can’t do anything medical with such a huge fear of blood, lol!
    My parents had all kindsa plans for me — race car driver and language translator remain obvious, and my mother absolutely cares that I quit teaching, but my dad says he didn’t send me to college to be a teacher, he sent me to be a better version of myself.
    I like the tunes, but so much of it is opportunity and who you know, am I right? It could happen. We have a lot of good local bands that remain local bands. But hey, some of my favorite music isn’t exactly selling millions of copies on iTunes…so…success is left open to individual interpretation, me thinks.


    • The final equation, bottom line, always is: Are YOU happy? No matter the field or location. And I think you are, Joey. Great comment, my friend. By the way, on the Podcast, both Gary and Nick sound pretty happy. I think it’s cool how they’re both making albums and measuring life how they do, at 25 and 55-plus.


  5. Mark, your blog is in my blood even though I’ve been remiss in my visits lately. Nobody ever pushed me into a career and I have not pushed anybody else into one, either. I do plan to push myself over here more often, because I want to! And I have no idea what it takes to make it big as a musician or as a blogger.


  6. My decision to follow music was my own but my mother influenced and supported it. I feel like the decision for my children to follow music was made by me but I give them plenty of room to back out if they choose to and also encourage them to get a back up degree.
    Whether these guys will make it, who knows? It’s such a crap shoot. I’ve seen people I thought would be huge fade into obscurity and vice versa. Certainly a catchy tune.


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