Now I’m talking garbage

Tight jam.

Sometimes the winter and my need to get the car as close as possible for possible plowing makes the art of taking out the garbage and recyclables a bit of a tight squeeze.

My job to haul them out to the curb, so no complaints here.

My dear wife Karen, when she drops stuff out from our kitchen, reaches over the fence and has very good aim.

11 thoughts on “Now I’m talking garbage

  1. Woah! Not a bad system but I think I can outdo you when it comes to backed up garbage. I can pick it up and bag it but with the broken ankle and the frigid weather can’t get it down to the dumpster. So I now have a large section of the bedroom full of garbage waiting for a warmer day and crowding me out of the bedroom. Can’t wait til spring!

    How ya doin little brother?


      • My son had been coming to haul it down for me but he and his family all have COVID now and none of them can do anything. this is really a bad winter as far as the temperatures go., Mostly staying inside now and having groceries delivered,, but I sure miss being able to walk around the apartment without thinking about each step. This getting old is really getting old!


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