Thank you for the driveway work

All clear.

Earlier this winter I thought that maybe I’d made a bad call when I’d decided for the whole-season option and sent our plowing company the check to cover our driveway needs through winter.

OK, maybe we still would have come out better if I’d checked the pay-per-plow box.

But I still feel pretty good when I wake up to go to work and behind my car is ready for me to pull out because the plow has already visited … and has been paid for in October.

Put ’er there.

If it snows another three inches while we’re working, they’ll come again to build that plowed snow pile even higher.

11 thoughts on “Thank you for the driveway work

  1. Several years ago there was a study, or possibly a series of studies, that found that paying someone to do household chores made people happier. I think something like that is at work here. In some ways money can buy happiness.


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