Not firing up that grill

Take cover.

I hear that some people grill year round. Yes, even some people who live in my part of the world.

No, thank you.

Our kitchen stove works great! (Knock on wood.) We’re lucky enough to live pretty close to the Limp Lizard, the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and even a stone’s throw to Ray Brothers, all home to fantastic food …

16 thoughts on “Not firing up that grill

      • Yes, Mark! Indeed! January started with some challenges. But both my father and I heard the word, “Benign” for each of us and we’re grateful and blessed. My trip to WA to visit my youngest, daughter-in-law, and tiny granddaughter made for a beautiful way to wind down the month and find my “way” again. I hope it’s treating you and yours well, too!


  1. Brrr – I can’t imagine standing out in that cold and grilling. Of course, standing out in 110 degree weather and grilling is no fun either. Best to stay inside during these extremes.


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