Paw prints prove she was there

Won’t catch her lying down.

Cherished rescue mutt Ellie B doesn’t spend quite so much time hanging out on her favorite side alcove futon during the yeah-it’s-really-winter cold.

But her paw prints prove she goes in and out that door to make her way to the needed beyond.

15 thoughts on “Paw prints prove she was there

  1. I had to go out with ours in the snow to make sure they didn’t slip and fall, but seeing Ellie B’s footprints reminds me of this Philip Larkin poem:

    Morning at last: there in the snow
    Your small blunt footprints come and go.
    Night has left no more to show,

    Not the candle, the half-drunk wine,
    Or touching joy; only this sign
    Of your life walking into mine.

    But when they vanish with the rain
    What morning woke to will remain
    Whether as happiness or pain.


  2. Smart puppy – get in and get out – or actually get out and then get in!! Tell her Spring will be here eventually, and she will be able to watch the clouds in the Sprig sky go by on her side alcove futon!!


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