Watch out for that spinning

Big stuff.

It wasn’t the height, my daughter texted me with two photos from Florida.


It was the spinning.

Yes. I related. These are the exact type of amusement park rides her father has been avoiding for decades now, I reminded her.

We do not do well with motions like this, I said. Remember the patches we wear for boat rides?

Same thing but different …

16 thoughts on “Watch out for that spinning

  1. I can’t do spinning anymore, Mark. The T.B.I./neck injuries put an end to that! It was around 1976 Dad, Mom, my twin, and older sister were at the Broiler Festival (Talk about great BBQ chicken–60 years and running). Dad and I rode something similar, not near as big. As we were rounding the bend, quickly, over Crane Creek, Dad lost one of his Dingo boots. Needless to say we all heard Dad’s choice words on the way back to the car (as he was walking in one boot–fun was over!).


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