A local beer adds cheer to Advent group four

A friendly beer from Hamilton.

When I texted terrific daughter Elisabeth to inform her about how much dear wife Karen and I both enjoyed Good Natured Blonde to start off our fourth batch of four samplings in our Advent Beer gifts, she delivered some surprising news.

It’s a local beer, brewed in the adjacent Madison County. In Hamilton, to be specific. Actually, the Saranac Winter Lagar that followed is local, too, coming from Utica, N.Y.’s Matt’s Brewing complex. Samuel Adams Holiday White and Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout, I know not and I don’t think so. They still tasted good, though, a nice light ale and a strong coffee-tasting beer.

Onward we go. More than halfway through our 24 samplings we are as we head toward Christmas Eve. Thank you Elisabeth and George Three.

11 thoughts on “A local beer adds cheer to Advent group four

  1. I know I’ve had some Saranac ales, especially their pumpkin ale, and they’re excellent. The others sound good too. I’m always up for a coffee stout. Well, almost always. Pabst has a “hard coffee” and that’s where I draw the line.


  2. Mark,
    I think all this advent beer 🍺 🍺 has you seeing double. Two blogs a day recently.
    Hope that trip to FL is going well for the family. I know others who go down around the holidays primarily to Disney World.
    Have a good holiday 🌲🎁 and advent.


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