Another good year for Advent beers

Fantastic four.

I made it widely known how much I enjoyed the gift of Advent beers from terrific daughter Elisabeth and George Three last year.

Earlier this week George dropped off not one, but two boxes into our front alcove before he got to work.

Yes, my dear wife Karen has 24 beers to sample from them, one a day from Dec. 1 to Christmas Eve.

From what we found in the first four, it appears they are wrapped and labeled so that we are sampling the same beers on the same days.

Fantastic beginning! The salty bite to the foundation of the Snyder’s Pretzel Bier was a wonderful surprise to start off the gift, and off we went.

The whole first quartet have made us smile. Abita Christmas Ale got us grinning for the season. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat! Always a delight, deep and rich. Spaten Lager was another first-time goodie, bright and refeshing.

I will unveil them here four-by-four, one post at a time.

Happy holidays …

Thank you, kids!

8 thoughts on “Another good year for Advent beers

  1. Love this–even though I don’t love beer:). The one time of year I usually pull out Bailey’s is the holidays. Bailey’s in coffee or hot chocolate is just the best. But I’ll try the beers vicariously through you, Mark:).


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