Now we have a new fireplace (sort of)

Handsome piece.

My dear wife Karen told me of her trip to the local Lowe’s and how she’d spied a small, easy, shelf-sized portable faux fireplace that would fit neatly into the unit that separates our open concept living room and kitchen.

Working on our sixth year in A Bitty Better here in Galeville, she continued to relate, she thought some electronic flames and bit more heat from the attached unit would add to our cocoon. She mentioned other, more expensive units. My interest perked, I promised a trip the next day, it being a Saturday and all.

Fie looking before sundown.

We went and we looked in the aisle where a half dozen or so had been assembled and carefully lined up least to most expensive, left to right. The shelf-unit Karen had brought over from the stacked shelves the day prior still stood where she’s brought it to plug in and test its flame-worthiness.

I looked, considered, offered my opinion, took my Lowe’s card out of my wallet.

So great at night.

So happy we were that Elisabeth and George Three dropped in for a Saturday visit just hours after I’d unloaded the boxed unit from the car and we’d rearranged a few pieces in the living room.

The faux fireplace was in four smaller boxes inside the big box. George had his portable tool kit in his car and deep well of enthusiasm in his heart and soul.

Less than an hour later, our fireplace roared with electricity.

Pretty, yes. Warm, yes. The four of us sat in the living room and grinned. Make that five. Cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle approves, too.

Thank you so much, George, for your knowledge and talents!. We will enjoy the payback happy time out for us four!

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