Big little college town

I like the message.

It was a splendid Saturday for my dear wife Karen and I to walk around State College, Pa.

The Penn State football game against Indiana would not start until 7:45 p.m.

We set out on our journey well before noon.

The college portion of town is way, way bigger than the Syracuse hill portion of our home city. Makes sense. About 40,000 students attend Penn State, twice as many students who go to Syracuse.

Yet State College still had a homey feel.

Sturdy Saturday.

A handful of protesters in front of a medical building were causing a dither for their cause. They were telling anybody who would listen and anybody who didn’t want to about the evils of circumcisions. First I’d heard of this rallying point.

Right direction.

We walked and then we ducked into a recommended joint for a beer. You’ll get to see Pickles tomorrow …

7 thoughts on “Big little college town

  1. It’s good to listen to other opinions at rallies. I don’t go to rallies so that relieves me of that obligation.

    I did listen to recordings of Dar Williams as suggested by commenter Big Mike.


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