A Champ of a visit to Happy Valley

Heck of a good sport.

Hello, dear wife, Karen, I declared at the end of my 4-hour-plus drive into the big state of Pennsylvania.

A few months back, she decided to take a different path in her sterile technician career. A traveler’s path. Every few month’s hunk of time, my dear wife will be working in a different place. Learning new things. Experiencing new ways. Making more money, dare I say.

Her first stop has been Mount Nittany Medical Center in State College, Pa. Every weekend, she’s been driving back home to be with me and our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B.

She likes the work. A lot.

The personal part has been a strain during my solo weekdays at home, yes, I will admit, but this work opportunity is her choice to grow and prosper, and for this I am happy.

This past weekend I boarded Ellie B and went down to see State College, giving my dear wife Karen a break from all that driving back and forth. The first night we ate in a highly recommended sports joint by the name of Champs.

Shrimp and pasta.

I went for a shrimp dish.

Soup and sandwich.

Karen chose grilled cheese and tomato soup.

It was a pleasant Friday night meal, yes. I was bushed from the drive. A couple of drafts to go with the meal were enough.

Small up front.
Huge out the side.

I can imagine this place would be fun for those who live here, for sure.

We had more investigating to do during the day and then a football game on Saturday night to come, so we called it an early night.

You’ll be seeing more posts about my trip to Happy Valley in the coming week.


13 thoughts on “A Champ of a visit to Happy Valley

  1. How fabulous that your wife is given this opportunity. I’m sorry you are alone during the week… but how fun that you got to get out and visit here in our fine state of Pennsylvania!


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