Another lucky win

Fortunate however you slice it.

So Elisabeth, George, my dear wife Karen and I decided to attend a Polish Fest at the Community Club up in Utica a bit ago.

Yes, it was at the place where we love the food.

We couldn’t help but notice the big table of raffle prizes as we walked in.

My daughter and wife both purchased an arm’s length worth of tickets, and we walked up and down the table, looking hard at the baskets before we dropped some in the boxes designated to the ones we would like to win.

You know the routine.

You also can guess who got a call when all was said and done.

Yes, Elisabeth won a really big ham. She says 15 pounds. I looked at her texted photo and guessed heavier. It came with a jar of mustard and bell peppers.

All I ask is a slice or two of the leftovers, please and thank you.

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