Give me the night (game)

Hey batter, batter.

Our behind-the-plate seats seemed even cooler once night fell over NBT Bank Stadium.

Things looked crisp, did they not?

By the way, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre prevailed over Syracuse 9-8 in 10 innings. Whoa!

We stayed for three hours worth of baseball. That means we left after seven, I admit, when the Mets were trailing by 8-2. I had to work the next morning. KP had played golf that afternoon …

10 thoughts on “Give me the night (game)

  1. Oh there’s just something about a night game.
    Friday Night Lights… and fireworks after the game!
    But as I get older… I need to get home to go to bed! Lol!


  2. I left early at my last ballgame, too. But it was a rout and my team was on the very short end of lopsided 1-10 thrashing. Glad you got out and heard the crack of the bat and smell of peanuts in the air.


    • The second batter is what we baseball diehards (blowhards?) call ‘on deck’ ladysighs. He’s up next. I do believe he is way closer to the real plate than he’s supposed to be by the rules, though. Good eye you have.

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