So far, so fast

Side by side.

The two white-flowered plants out front have decided to pop at the same time.

And they got high and thick this year.


12 thoughts on “So far, so fast

  1. Oh yes and mark – wanted to check in with you
    – I wanted to do an Audio track for the lady y the river book
    Would you be interested in doing an audio track for your chaired ? Or would prefer I have someone do it for you?
    And is it cool with you to do an audio track of your chapter ?


      • Well it would better to have your voice – that would be my first choice – so just think about it if you want to make an audio file with your mobile – it wouldn’t be too long and probably small enough to email – and then we will put it in with the master file here.
        It is not for audible or anything that formal so our quality can be an 8 out of 10 – ha! Or it means we don’t need a studio – so….
        If you had time in the next two months –
        All I would need it two readings from you – separate tracks – no background noise
        And you could send a video of it – or just the audio –
        But would really prefer to have the authors voice –
        Think about it for the next week or two – and thanks for the reply amigo


      • Okay – and actually I am not sure I can get any other LBTR authors on board so you are off the hook amigo’
        Also – I have a couple proof copies – email me if you want me to send you a couple this month –


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