More and more purple

Somehow, for some reason, more purple/pink blossoms keep turning up in our mostly-white front yard window guardian. It does look quite interesting.

Proud still

The yellow of the front-yard daffodils stands out distinctly after the first mow of the season. I’m impressed how long they’ve endured this year.

Our first blossoms of spring

Our front-yard daffodils once again bless us this time in April as our first blossoms of the year. It’s like saying hello to trusty, old pals. They’re bending a bit with their age, but they sure do know how to make me smile.

Suddenly, the purple ones show up

Every year I’m surprised all over again when several weeks of white flowers on this plant are interrupted by the arrival of some purple blooms. I like it. I just get slightly amazed at the mixed message from Mother Nature, is all.

So far, so fast

The two white-flowered plants out front have decided to pop at the same time. And they got high and thick this year. Nature.