Cool contrasts

Suddenly I appreciated the lie of the purple pointing out the glory of the red roses out front. Thanks for the direction.

Tippy-top bloom

Noticed Saturday by my dear wife Karen, the first bloom on the big front yard bush that’s usually late to yield flowers. More buds to follow.

Please don’t eat the daisies

Next up in our summer rotation: The front yard daisies. We do not have any goats roaming the neighborhood. Or foraging deer, that I’ve seen. Still, the title of that really old TV show somehow popped into my mind.

Now we’re blooming

What did we spy upon our return from our Cape Cod vacation but … Backyard lilies that could not contain themselves. A hostas plant the size of an elephant’s head. White backing up the red in the front of the house. My dear wife Karen’s hard work surely pays off.

Here come the red roses

The new rose bush is in the ground, thanks to the hard work of my dear wife Karen. This variety caught our eye at Ballantyne Gardens because we had one in the backyard of A Little Bitty in the Syracuse neighborhood of Eastwood. We’re hoping this baby thrives nearly as well in the Liverpool neighborhood…