Now that’s a pretty moon

Backyard and bright.

Some nights I must try to get the bet iPhone photo of the full moon I possibly can.

Like when my dear wife Karen comes back into the house and tells me how beautiful it is outside our house.

What side, I ask.

Backyard, she answers.

Spectacular to the eye. Not bad to the phone camera.

Right, right?

And, so, being the way I am, I must march out to the front to see if I can find something different.

I do like the way the front door, kitchen window and side alcove lights set off the moon rising above the tree line above.

Thank you for the alert, my dear wife.

9 thoughts on “Now that’s a pretty moon

  1. We were all looking at it the other evening. My kids were here and we were all looking for it. Our moon has an allure…!
    Happy Sunday to you and your dear wife Karen.


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