Hello, old friend

Let there be music.

Walking around Picnics at the Park for my job at the library a bit ago, I was fortunate that the music was being put out by my old friend Colin Aberdeen.

He was setting up as I walked toward the library LPL2Go cart, so I stopped for a catch-up chat. Felt wonderful.

And he was performing his from-the-heart guitar-and-voice when I was on the way back to the library. As I pulled my iPhone from my pocket, Colin gave a little wave.

Nice to be back, yes.

13 thoughts on “Hello, old friend

    • Colin was getting paid to appear at the picnic, but I do agree with your love for buskers, Catxman. We had a beloved busker here in Syracuse, Elijah Harris, who in the horror of 2020 was taken from us by a hit and run driver while riding his bicycle. The city mourns his loss so much.


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