Not a league it turns out

Pine Grove

Ready for nine is KP.

The last time I’d played golf at Pine Grove was at least a decade ago, when the big daily used to throw an annual day for staffers from all departments to gather on a course for a captain-and-crew round to be followed by a steak bake, beverages and kibitzing.

Pine Grove

Going for relaxation. 

As this spring rolled around, KP and I decided we might try to get back into a semi-competitive league on a weeknight. He called around and found a contact who was started a new Wednesday night league at Pine Grove. We decided to give it a try.

Pine Grove

My turn at the first tee.

The designated first week came on a night when I had library work obligations. Lo and behold, it was too wet to play anyway. The next week was sunny enough.

Pine Grove

Relax after work I will.

Lo and behold, we were the only two to show up for this new league.

Luckily, the starter allowed us to go out to No.1 and play away.

We will make other plans to play more this year.

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