Another look at the Mets’ stadium comforts

NBT Bank Stadium

Left field changes.

On my earlier posts about our opening day fun at the Syracuse Mets’ season opening game at NBT Bank Stadium, I left some of my captures of NBT Bank Stadium improvements for … today.

Down the left field line, looking out past the outfield fence, you’ll note a bar where fans can gather and watch the game over the rail. Pretty cool, this.

NBT Bank Stadium

More improvements in this direction.

Off to right field, there sits a family fun section behind the fence. And there’s a totally rebuilt Hank Bauer Room – think food and drink like luxury boxes but open to all – on the fair side of the foul pole.

On both sides of the field sit grassy areas where families or groups of friends can choose to sit instead of picking chair seating.

Bullpens for pitchers and catchers were moved from the sidelines to beyond the fences, where they sit in major league parks.

I think it looks and feels more like major-league parent New York Mets’ home place, CitiField. And, yes, that is a good thing for Syracuse.

5 thoughts on “Another look at the Mets’ stadium comforts

  1. Cloudy and maybe a little rain is not so bad. We’ve had cold and snowy opening days, as you know. The stadium does look great, and you’re right about CitiField, it’s wonderful.


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