The best seats for the Syracuse Mets ever

Syracuse Mets

My seat.

What the heck, I figured at the Syracuse Mets box office 14 months ago.

Let’s spring for the new feature. Table top seating. Behind home plate. Sure, they go for $25 a pop buying ahead of time (more if you happen to get them on the day of game), but this could be a one-time splurge.

One canceled season and ticket-exchange for the same seats later, there we were on Tuesday, May 4.


Yes, the seats are all that and a box of burger-and-fries.

Syracuse Mets

Play ball!

Did I mention we all got winter hats as a giveaway, too?

20 thoughts on “The best seats for the Syracuse Mets ever

  1. Please tell me you’re making this up.
    I mean about the burger and fries bit. Is that all that’s on the menu?
    And what about a table for two?
    Or a party of six?

    But I thank you for giving me one more reason I’m not a sports fan. 😦
    If I keep reading I may reach 100. I like those round numbers. 🙂

    (I’m trembling as I press – Post Comment)


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