Cheers for Opening Day with the Syracuse Mets

Syracuse Mets

Our brick in the action.

After buying tickets for opening day way back in March 2020, my dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth, George Three and I finally got to gather at NBT Bank Stadium to cheer for the Syracuse Mets on Tuesday, May 4.

Yes, a whole season had been canceled by COVID-19.

We had our names engraved on a brick, thanks to a great gift from the kids. Our first time visiting it as a group somehow moved George to remove his shoes.

Syracuse Mets

Stadium looks great.

After showing our vaccination cards and passing a temperature tests, we entered an NBT Bank Stadium that had received a big facelift, thanks to the owning parent team, my favorite New York Mets.

Ellie and us

Off we went to find the cut-outs we’d purchased to help the Syracuse Mets’ benefit drive for community COVID-19 relief.

Ava and kids

Purrfect pitch.

It was not hard to track down Ellie B and Ava, one section apart behind home plate.

More to come in the next few days.

17 thoughts on “Cheers for Opening Day with the Syracuse Mets

  1. Ellie B and Ava are so fortunate for their seats! They make the stadium way cuter. How fun for all of you! It’s a soggy week again here, Mark. I was hoping to make it to our Spring Birds (farm team of the St.Louis Cardinals ~our Springfield Cardinals) this week. But it may be too wet to play! Hit some home runs this week, Mark!


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