She does watch the games with us on TV

Ellie B

Good sport.

The Syracuse Mets put out a call for photographs that will be used for life-sized seat fillers at NBT Bank Stadium once their Triple-A baseball season starts come May.

You’ve seen them at various major league and college sports if you’ve watched events on TV throughout our time of COVID-19, I assume.

Our minor-league team that polished players for the New York Mets will be allowed to welcome a 20 percent capacity into the ballpark this season. Last season was scrapped altogether. We’re enthusiastic for the return. We’ll attempt to be there for opening day, yes.

But first we coughed up the $50 bucks and sent in the photo for our devoted dog Ellie B.

She has attended Bark in the Park and marched around the field with us, dutifully sitting in the stands afterward and paying as much attention to the game as a cherished rescue mutt can muster.

Anyway, the money goes toward COVID-19 relief in the community.

Let’s Go Mets.

9 thoughts on “She does watch the games with us on TV

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