Leaves pop on the backyard rose bushes

Greening up.

Spring continues its progression in my neck of the woods.

Leaves have popped up on the backyard rose bushes.

I again appreciate the one-by-one of our various flora and fauna.

6 thoughts on “Leaves pop on the backyard rose bushes

  1. So, I read your title and thought it was referring to a can of soda being poured over those poor rosebushes, and I kept looking for a pop can in that photo. And it’s not even Monday.

    BTW, at my house I’ve noticed that the weeds have started popping in the front flower bed. Fortunately, I have a long-handled weed-puller so I don’t have to get on my knees, but it’s still a fair amount of work. Maybe it’s time to check into planting some kind of perennial ground cover – if I can find someone to plant it for me now that my kids are all elsewhere. But if that’s the biggest of my problems these days, I guess I’m doing pretty well.


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