Meanwhile, 25 miles down the road

Much more in Oneida.

My terrific daughter Elisabeth texted me this photo on Tuesday morning.

And George Three was still sleeping!

Yes, some 25 miles to the east, they got a lot more snow than we did here.

She cleared her car and made it to work, said the next text. Had to change wet pants first, though.

I am a bit surprised she did not wake him up to do the heavy work. And to far away for me to drive out for the clearing and make my work-from-home time start.

14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, 25 miles down the road

  1. A few miles certainly can make a difference. A few years back, our southern suburbs got 8 feet of snow, while the northtowns got absolutely nothing during that same storm. Thankfully, I lived in the northtowns.


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