Piling on

I know what comes after my work-from-home for the library day when it continues to snow. Another turn at cleaning off the car, that’s what.

Where can they push it?

That is the end of our driveway as February comes to a close this week. Yes, I am glad we have a plow service. And this has been a light winter for us as far as snow goes.

Ready for a cool February day

Our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle doesn’t seem to care that it’s snowed some every day for a week or so. February is on the way out. The sun still rises. Her dad let’s her out to do her thing. Life is OK, you betcha.

It’s a lot, by George

With more snow 25 miles down the road where my daughter Elisabeth and George Three live, she texted me this photo to illustrate how he dug both their cars out. Yes. Very hard work for sure. Good job, sir.