May your Halloween be happy


A neighborly greeting.

Cherished rescue dog Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I came upon an elegant seasonal display during our safe walk around the blocks of our neighborhood.

We found it perfect for sharing on this Halloween morning.

If you’re venturing out with little ones to gather treats, please take that abundance of caution to stay safe.

11 thoughts on “May your Halloween be happy

  1. We sat this one out Mark. Oliva understands but was still very sad. I felt bad. It was a work day for me so I was busy from 8:30-5:00. We stayed up late watching spooky movies. I think she will understand more fully when she’s older. It was hard to see her so sad tho. Hopefully next Halloween will be lighthearted.


  2. Hi Mark – I hope you have a Happy Halloween. It doesn’t sound like anyone is going to be trick or treating this year in our neck of the woods. Was in Walgreens two days ago, and the shelves were still piled high with candy – never seen that before, this close to Halloween.


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